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Samsung Medical Center

삼성 서울 병원

Summary :
Prologue :

높은 수준의 의료진과 최첨단 시설 및 연구 기능까지 갖추고 우리나라의 의료복지 향상과21세기 초 일류 병원을 추구함을 목적으로 세워졌다. 의료원은 본관동, 의학 연구동, 영안동 등  3개동 으로  구성 동선의 효율을 극대화 병원 내 어느 곳이나 자연채광의 유입을 위해 광정 및 톱라이트를 설치 자유로운 평면 구성이 가능하도록 하였다. 또한 최첨단 시설과 장비를 도입 병원의 인텔리젠트를 추구하였다.

To advance the Korean medical welfare services with high quality medical staff, state-of-the-art equipment and research facilities, and to be a 21st century leading hospital, the Samsung Medical Center consists of three buildings – the main building, research building, and the mortuary building. The overall triangular mass recedes from the points at a predetermined span from the center, and the floor plans show two atriums in the middle. To maximize the efficiency of circulation, the lower floors were divided into three blocks – the medical examination offices, main medical offices, and the administration offices – and the upper floors are wards. The underground floors consist of the central supply department and nutritional department, electrical and other machinery rooms. All parts of the building receive natural light through “light gardens” and top light windows. An ISS (Interstitial Space) floor was designed over the surgical department and the ICU (Intensive Care Unit), and the floors with the radiation rooms, examination rooms, and offices were set up as open access floors to enable flexible floor plans. Through the incorporation of state-of-the-art equipment, it becomes an intelligent medical center – with CVS (Chorionic Villus Sampling), PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System), VRS (Video Response System), medical-use CCTV, LAN, and BAS (Building Automation System).